It should be noted that the increase in mortality, mainly concentrated in the age groups 20 to 50 years was noted in the early years of reform and a number of Eastern European countries, which, as well as Russia, have experienced at the turn of the 90s. shock painful economic reforms. Increase in mortality due to cardiovascular diseases, stomach ulcers, and cirrhosis of the liver, as well as "external" reasons, driven primarily by three closely related to the transition period, factors: the impoverishment of the rage, the collapse of the system of preventive medicine, sanitation and hygiene, psychological stress. So you have a website that you have decided to sell, but do not know where the best place to do it. Can certainly make use of the exchange, or sell to searchengines at auction. Can you sell me a little about the conditions under which the site in question: 1. It has long been located in Sapa and / or linkfeed (other exchanges), from 4 months. 2. Income from 8p per day for the last month. 3. warez portals and other projects violate the law. 4. Consider a bath google and yandex, but the ban should be relatively long. 5. The number of pages in the index does not matter, look almost exclusively on income. 6. Do not interested in the so-called "forward-looking" sites on their progress I have no time. 7. You can offer any domain zone, but if ru, it is desirable to re-registration. Regional domains, and third-level domains can also be offered, for example ucoz. 9. It does not matter what language the site, even though the Chinese. In principle, the conditions are not as strict as you can see has a special meaning only income. To sell your site, please write here: The main economic consequence of premature mortality - is to reduce the number of labor potential and the resulting shortfall in the gross domestic product. The so-called demographic investments for maintenance, education and training of children and young people do not pay off their labor contribution as a result of early retirement from life. Aging of the workforce, the growth of disability and morbidity in the population of working age, in addition to loss of employment, has the effect of reducing mobility, increased dependency burden the elderly and the elderly, leading to higher costs for social security and maintenance, reduced employment opportunities to increase earnings and investment in economic progress .