8086 Microprocessor Programming Basics

Assembly programming and the 8086 microprocessor - Douglas Samuel Jones

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Oxford University Press, Apr 21, 1988 - Computers - 203 pages

The Intel 8086 is among the most popular microprocessors, appearing in several versions of the IBM personal computer as well as in numerous PC-compatibles or "clones, " and the IBM PS/2 Model 30. In order to facilitate its speed and power, however, it is necessary to program the computer in 8086 assembly language. Written for PC users who are competent in a high-level language (such as BASIC or PASCAL), but who need more flexibility and speed of execution than such languages provide, this book explains the fundamentals of assembly programming and describes the essential details of the 8086 chip. The book progresses by means of illustrative programs and subroutines to advanced topics such as floating-point arithmetic and operating system calls. Exercises in writing programs are included that offer the practice necessary to successfully program original applications. This is a unique sourcebook for the large and ever-growing personal computer market.

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